Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
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  1. Weight loss aid
    Brad Apple Cider Vinegar
    Brad Apple Cider Vinegar

    (Acetic acid) The main ingredient in Apple Cider Vinegar can help you achieve your weight loss goal according to scientific research by Tomoo Kondo a Japanese researcher and his team.

  1. Lymph Nodes Cleaner
    It is being prove the ability to reduce mucous and sinus congestion also reducing the effects of allergies.
  1. Body Detox
    Will balance your body PH and Cardiovascular circulation will be stimulated helping to detoxify the liver.
  1. Will make your hair shine
    Many people has use Apple Cider Vinegar as hair shiner using ½ tablespoon mix with 1Cup of water to rinse your hair after shampooing.
  1. Teeth Stain Remover
    Another ancient use is to remove teeth stain rubbing directly on the tooth and rinsing with water.
  1. Skin PH regulator
    Commonly use to fade age spots and acne scars also recommended to remove warts applying with a cotton swat for several days until wart fall off. Treatment should continue a few days after removal to ensure wart will not return.
  1. Fungal Cure
    Proved to remove Candida (A genus of yeasts and the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide).
  1. Heartburn Reliever
    Several research agreed it will correct you body acids and will reduce your heartburn.
  1. Natural Cleaner and Freshener
    Use as bathroom and kitchen cleaner taking advantages of is wonderful cleaning properties will also leave a refreshing apple smell.
  1. Fleas Repellent
    Pet lovers will love this one. Flea infestation can be easily eliminated just spraying your pet with a mix of ½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup of Water.

Side Effects

Small amounts of apple cider vinegar is safe. But larger doses, or long-term use, of apple cider vinegar may have side effects.

  1. Taking apple cider vinegar at full strength could erode the enamel of the teeth and burn the mouth and throat
  2. Women with osteoporosis should be wary of apple cider vinegar. Used regularly, apple cider vinegar could reduce bone density.
  3. Because it can alter insulin levels, people with diabetes should not use apple cider vinegar without telling their doctors first.
  4. People taking laxatives, diuretics, and medication for heart disease and diabetes should check with a doctor before using apple cider vinegar supplements.Source;