Strawberry Kiwi Dessert Pizza

Strawberry Kiwi Dessert Pizza

Hey guys!… Another kid’s friendly project is up on a blog again! There are a lot of different kinds of fruit you can put on the dessert pizza, but strawberry kiwi is our family favorite combination. Also, you can make your own sugar cookie dough instead…

Coffee and Cardamom Ice Cream

Coffee and Cardamom Ice Cream – Helado de Café y Cardamomo

In the home of a Finnish friend, I once tried coffee with cardamom, and I absolutely loved the combo. She prepares the coffee using a French press, and adds a few cardamom seeds. Since that time, I occasionally make my morning coffee with this spice….

Chocolate Dessert

Honey Chocolate Roulade with Fresh Raspberry Cream

Did I mention in earlier posts that I’m a big time chocolate lover? So is my hubby and kids. I’ve got another chocolate treat for you. It tastes incredible. No words to describe! Fresh raspberries in the cream gives it a little sour taste along with…

Cardamom and Cocoa Meringues

Cardamom and Cocoa Meringues – Merengues de Cardamomo y Cocoa

These are the first meringues I have ever made. I think meringues are very fashionable nowadays, you can find them in the supermarket in a thousand different flavors and presentations. I’ve tried several, and although some are really good, some of them…