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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (USDA) – March is National Nutrition Month and the USDA has revised the nutrition guidelines to help you make better food choices.

The DGAC committee consists of nationally recognized experts in the field of nutrition and health. On February 19th, 2015 the committee released a report that provided recommendations for the next edition of the Dietary Guidelines. Guidelines are revised every 5 years. The release of the Advisory Committee’s report will be followed by a public comment period.


Eggs are Okay- The panel found no evidence to support the idea that dietary cholesterol affects blood cholesterol levels. However, saturated fat does. Therefore, saturated fat intake should be limited.

Limit added Sugar- No more than 10% of calories per day. Approximately one 16 oz. soda.

Sodium Limit Slight Increase- 2010 Recommendation were no more than 1500 mg. a day for those with heart disease. New report increases limit to 2,300 mg. per day.

Coffee Gets a Boost- Panel suggested that 3-5 cups a day could be part of a healthy diet. It might even reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease

Meat Misses the Mark- A plant based diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes was highly recommended. Lean meats are still considered part of a healthy diet, but red meats and processed meats should be limited.

Americans low in: calcium, vitamin D, fiber, and potassium.


Increase:  vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, seafood, legumes, and nuts;

Decrease: red and processed meat; sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and refined grains