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Meet Your Health Coach


My name is Charley VegyDise. I will be your personal health coach. To tell you a little about myself, I am a single mom who is very health oriented. I strive to make homemade healthy food for my son (Baby Ant) and I. We eat a gluten free plant based whole foods diet. Don’t worry I know that my diet may not work for everyone. We also try to live a very active lifestyle so we can stay fit and healthy.

Some fun activities my son and I enjoy are going on hikes, playing ball and dancing around the house. His current obsession is to tell me to run with him every where. Mind you he is only two years old, so it is extra cute.

Why I started to be a Health Coach is to help others create their dream life. I want to empower you when you are having your downs and uplift you even higher on your ups. I think everyone needs a great and successful community to help them achieve there personal goals.

If I did not find my personal group of people to give me a little (or lets face it A LOT) help to heal, grow and thrive. I would not have accomplished my dream of being a health coach nor create my dream life of living in a healthy happy home. So I might not know what you are going on personally (Yet) I truly want to help you and want to support you in your journey.