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Seafood Special Health Notes

Eating Raw Seafood -What You Need To Know It’s always best to cook seafood thoroughly to minimize the risk of foodborne illness. However, if you choose to eat raw fish anyway, one rule of thumb is to eat fish that has been previously frozen. Some species of fish can contain parasites, and freezing will kill …

Nutritional Values


Benefits Improve your immune system Regulate blood levels in sugar Reduce inflammation Heal infections Antibacterial and antibiotics characteristics Increase the production of good cholesterol (HDL) Help to prevent cancer Reduce your risk of developing gastric ulcer Protect you from Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis Nutrition Chart   Nutrition Value per 100g. Source:USDA. The National Agricultural Library Photo credit: …

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How Walmart Threatens Organic Food

When Walmart announced in April that it was introducing the Wild Oats brand of organic food products in 2,000 stores, some food-justice advocates grew excited. In U.S. News & World Report, one writer praised Walmart for embracing “sustainable products and sustainable sourcing.” The Guardian declared that Walmart was providing low-income shoppers with “an organic option they can afford.” Others fear Walmart’s history spells …

Pineapple Fresh and Slice
Nutritional Values


Benefits help to control heart rate and blood pressure healthy skin help to protect from lung and oral cavity cancer Anti-inflamatory properties Anti-clogging properties Reduce Arthritis Help reduce indigestion Nutrition Chart    Nutrition Value per 100g. Source:USDA. The National Agricultural Library