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Apple Roses Cake
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Apple Roses Dessert Recipe

Most commonly, we see cakes at birthday parties. I decided to make something different and unique this time. I found this recipe online and we all loved it so much that I thought I’d share this delightful new dessert with all of you guys. I made these…


Caramel Apple Rolls

Have some apples to use up from the orchard? Make these Caramel Apple Rolls. They have apples, cinnamon and caramel in every bite! Caramel Apple Rolls . Enough said, right? I could stop right there, and everyone would be happy, especially at our apple-lovin’…

Red and Yellow Apples
Nutritional Values


Benefits Improve neurological health Whiter and healthier teeth Prevent dementia Avoid Alzheimer’s Reduce your risk of stroke Protect against parkinson’s Lower levels of bad cholesterol Reduce the risk of diabetes Prevent breast cancer Prevent gallstones Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome Avert hemorrhoids Weight control immune system boost Prevent cataracts Detoxify your liver Nutrients Chart    Nutrition …