Banana Bread Muffins – Muffins Pan de Plátano

With the heat that has made the last few days, the fruit ripens super-fast, especially bananas. In the building where I live, the last time I went to throw the organic waste, I opened the container and saw some super ripe bananas, I thought that they…

Banana and Oatmeal Cookies

Super Healthy Banana & Oatmeal Thumprints Cookies

As I write this post, I’m eating one of the last mini matcha & macadamia chocolates , accompanied by a cup of tea … mmm! Furthermore it is raining, which I love. I know a lot of people will say that it’s good to watch that it’s raining and not getting…

Pineapple Fresh and Slice


Benefits help to control heart rate and blood pressure healthy skin help to protect from lung and oral cavity cancer Anti-inflamatory properties Anti-clogging properties Reduce Arthritis Help reduce indigestion Nutrition Chart    Nutrition Value per 100g. Source:USDA. The National Agricultural Library

Cucumber Sliced


Benefits Help to produce insulin in diabetic people Help kidney to lower the uric acids levels Relief muscle and joint pain Make your hair and nails stronger and shiner Its fiber content is great for digestion Help to heal diseased gum Stabilizes blood pressure both high and low Reduce the risk of several cancers A…



Benefits Help defeat depression Give you energy Reduce muscle cramps Reduce PMS symptoms Lower blood pressure Protect again heart attack Prevent constipation Relief acid reflux, heartburn and GERD Prevent kidney cancer Help stabilized blood sugar reduce nausea from morning sickness Control the body temperature Nutrition Chart   Nutrition Value per 100g. Source:USDA. The National Agricultural Library