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Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift

Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift Only $25.95 Great healthy gift with dried fruits and nuts. Delicious nuts include Roasted Salted Almonds and Roasted Salted Pistachios in the Shell. Packed with premium dried fruit including Dates, Prunes, Dried Apricots, Dried Peaches and Dried Pears, Dried Angelino Plums, and Dried Apples Presented in a wooden …

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Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an obsession

By┬áSarah Elizabeth Richards Life by DailyBurn(LIfe by DailyBurn) — Three years ago, after suffering from chronic abdominal pain, digestive problems and a crushing breakup that left her depressed and sluggish, Ashley Bailey started researching whether “clean eating” could help her feel better. After learning that some people are intolerant to dairy, she cut milk and …