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Don’t Vegans eat plants? And Don’t Whole Food plant based diets exclude animal products? For years I got this confused. I thought they were the same. Vegans do eat plants but the also can eat highly processed meat alternatives, premade meals, chips and junkfood. In the alternative diet community, vegan can be more about animal rights than health. Since the whole plant based diet is focused on making every dish homemade with whole plant based foods. Whole plant based foods are vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs but do not always disclude animal products. The reason why the whole plant based diet makes all there food is so that they are not putting manufactured or highly processed foods in their body. They believe that the earth makes food the way it was intended and that changing it will do more harm than good.

I have lived off a vegan diet that was full of a lot of processed foods, and I personally did not feel at my best. That’s why I personally follow a whole foods plant based vegan diet to this day. I have more energy, I do not feel sick anymore, and My skin has never looked so great. I try to follow the quote,” Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.”

There are many benefits of a whole foods plant based vegan diet. My favorite is since it is a lot lower in calories you can eat until you get full and you will not go over your personal calorie intake for the day. Verses the traditional vegan diet will exceed your daily calorie intake rapidly and without much effort.

The second benefit that I love about a whole foods plant based vegan diet is that as long as you’re eating the rainbow of fruits and veggies, you will easily obtain all the required nutrients your body requires to heal, grow, and excel with energy. Whole plant based vegan diets have been found to heal the body from a lot of health conditions. Some health conditions are cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and digestive issues. The last benefit I will include today is if you don’t really want to cook you don’t have to. Since most of the plant based foods from nature are already in the digestible state.